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Binders full of binders

I just moved and I found a lot of brand new, some gently used binders while packing, probably 30 or so….size medium a few large (one random xs)….white and black ones, different styles - anyway my point.

They’re all washed, but I want to give them away, the whole lot, to an organization that can use them. I can’t pay to ship them, money is tight because of my move I am brokesssss! (I swear moving is expensive!!!)

So if you want them, all of them and will pay for shipping (maybe $25 for regular mail, there’s over $500 in binders) email me so we can set something up, or share this post with a friend or organization who can use chest binders.

Cool? Cool.

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Burger King Proud Whopper

The Proud Whopper commercial- My favorite part is the girl going “it’s the same shit. It’s the same shit!” — my least favorite part is the entire commercial.

I’m tired of corporations trying to profit off the gay (umbrella term, please don’t get on me) community. Having a “Proud Whopper” makes me not want to eat more at Burger King than I already don’t. I think it’s kind of stupid, as far as marking goes: it’s a burger…which you can have “your way”. So essentially it’s NOT always the “same on the inside”.

They missed their demographic with this one. BK needs to wrap the burger in some cute cat wrapper, instead of paper crowns offer snap-backs and change the Burger King to a Burger Drag Queen, oh, and offer a vegan option (we all know 99.99999% of lesbians are vegan’ish) and BOOM, you might get my $2.59 for the novelty.

But, nah.

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Top 15 things to do while waiting for Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black

1. Train cockroaches to run cigarettes from apartment to apartment.

2. Learn all the correct lyrics to Lisa Loeb’s “Stay”.

3. Perfect cooking Funfetti cake with chocolate icing.

4.Impress your friends with your new party trick of making a lighter with an AA battery & gum wrapper.

5. Take a bubble bath in someone else’s house.

6. Start a feelings jar: “I feel sad that I don’t have anymore episodes to watch”

7. Start gardening, it could be very lucrative & relaxing.

8. Make a Catholic candle from crayons and a tampon and start praying there will be more Alex Vause in season 3.

9. Sleep with your girlfriends bestie. (No. Wait. Don’t.)

10. Find out your birth time and do your astrological chart.

11. Roll your own cigarettes and sell them for stamps.

12. Read The Faults in Our stars.

13. Make sure your work clothes are on point so you too can look “hella office!”

14. Re-watch A League of Their Own for the 12,393rd time to remember Lori Petty & when things were easier for her.

15. Get a mirror and find that pee pee hole!

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Logo channel #HometownTrailblazers nomination!

I am nominating Annie Parkhurst as a Hometown Trailblazer because as a champion for the LGBTQQIA community in her hometown of Long Beach, CA, Annie stands up for people who don’t often have a voice. Annie helps to give the queer community of Long Beach the power and permission to be proud of who they are.

Her dedication to the youth and LGBTQQIA community is undeniable, with her organization, AMP, founded in 2008, Annie strives to create a positive, accepting and artistic outlet to the LGBTQQIA community. AMP hopes to inspire everyone, including artists, musicians, performers, audiences, and organizations who lack the community they crave, to create one.

As the founding member of AMP, along with the love and support of her wife, Sylvia, Annie created Cut & Paste Rock & Roll, a music and art festival which features LGBTQQIA musicians, DIY artists and up and coming performers. All funds raised through CPRR go towards scholarships for LGBTQQIA youth in the Long Beach community.

In addition to founding AMP, Annie is the lead singer of the Long Beach based all girl, queer rock band, Ask Alice, and an Associate member of the Long Beach Pride committee. Her goal to bring awareness and visibility to the queer community while creating a safe space for all ages and genders, is felt by all, creating a stronger and more engaged community.

Because of Annie’s dedication to improving and enriching the lives of the LGBTQQIA community in Long Beach, it is with great admiration that I nominate Annie Parkhurst as a Logo Hometown Trailblazer.

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